The MIS-Adventures of Leopardprint Eagle Girl

Written by  Coach Tanya Bankston


This blog is about my alter ego Leopardprint Eagle Girl and all her real life adventures. At thirty-five years old she is an eternal teenager with wisdom well beyond her years, but her youthfulness, and free-spirit attitude often gets her in trouble simply because she fails to look at things from an adult perspective, or is unable to discern when it is necessary to “adult” in any given situation.

She views life with rose-colored glasses, always believing the best in people, never giving them the benefit and the doubt…she is an eternal optimist.

So why this blog, why should you read it, follow it, and share it with others…because Leopardprint Eagle Girl faces many daily challenges that forces her to CHANGE, often against her will. Everyone seems to see the moral of the story except her.

She finds herself in the same type of predicaments repeatedly, because she fails to recognize lessons, and learn from them.

Does  she sound like anyone you know?

Have you seen friends, or family members circle around the hamster wheel spinning tiredly in circles repeating the same situations just with a different set of details?

Sure girls just wanna have fun, but she takes fun to a whole new level handling adult situations with a youthful perspective.

You didn’t know leopards could fly? She doesn’t just fly she soars…well eventually!

She even created her very own theme song…stay tune.